My name is Liz Storey and here you will find a collection of all of my personal and professional resources. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for my most current and up to date resume.

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Other Interests and Activities

In addition to my professional work, I also enjoy many hobbies and activities including photography, crochet, cooking, reading, hiking and camping.

I sell some of my photography prints and crochet work through Etsy.com and am also an active member of a sellers community called SFEtsy. We host group meetings to share tips, discuss upcoming activities and provide education about online entrepreneurship. There is a monthly Meet & Make that I often volunteer and help promote that is hosted by the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles where the community can come and learn how to create many fun things to take home with them.

Below are websites and blogs that are related to a few of my creative hobbies and a bit more about them.
Photography by ionyka

In the online community I am known as ionyka, and old screen name that has stuck around since the early days of social media. I currently host a site dedicated to my passion for photography. I have loved taking pictures ever since I was little and still find every opportunity to get out and take photos. I currently shoot with a Canon 7D and enjoy traveling to all types of places including New Zealand, South Africa and the Mediterranean.
Threads by ionyka

Another activity that I enjoy is the craft of crochet. I learned a very long time ago when my Grandmother tried to teach me, however I did not pick it up right away. Just a year ago I gave it another chance and have really enjoyed learning stitches, following patterns and even making some of my own unique designs. This site is dedicated to my Grandmother and keeps track of all of my progress and projects that I work on. It has truly become an enjoyable pastime.
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