My name is Liz Storey and here you will find a collection of all of my professional resources. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for my most current and up to date resume.

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Photography by ionyka

This site is dedicated to my passion for photography and is my personal online gallery & blog. My work has been featured in a handful of publications including Everywhere Magazine, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Newspaper as well as a prop in Season 9, Episode 22 of Criminal Minds (timestamp 15:33). I have loved taking pictures ever since I was little and still find every opportunity to get out and take photos. I currently shoot with a Canon 7D and enjoy traveling to all types of places including New Zealand, South Africa and the Mediterranean.
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I love to crochet, buy and stash yarn and make really fun and colorful things, this site showcases some of the items I have made and things I learn along the way.
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