20th Anniversary Edition (2001 - 2021)
Website Archeology
V 1.0 - 2001

My original site as it first looked prior to officially acquiring & launching my domain absolutliz.com.

The only thing that remains is this version of the logo and a lucky screenshot I happened to find while digging around.

I designed the header logo myself in a very early version of Photoshop. I think it was v4.5.

Archived blog posts exist beginning in March of 2001 however I know they began a little earlier than that, but I no longer have them.

Features included a phpnews driven blog, contact form, webcam page that refreshed every so often taking a screen grab when I happen to have my webcam on and a simple photo gallery. I wrote everything (except the phpnews script) by hand.

V 2.0 - 2001-2002

When I moved my site to its own domain, it got a significant redesign.

My longstanding website tagline read "A girls mind in 0s and 1s along with monthly 2s."

I also learned how to create an image map for the navigation links so I could design my own navigation bar as one image, with clickable areas, challenging without a visual editor to see where your points would end up.

I also introduced a Featured Album, thumbnails created manually and refreshed usually weekly.

Below is a mockup of what I wanted the layout to look like.

V 3.0 - 2002

This version was never fully implemented in favor of the design I began for the next version.

Not much to note except it took inspiration from my favorite album.

V 4.0 - 2002

Next began my interest in experimenting with .inc files, so I could keep parts of the site to a specific size.

Otherwise content and features largely remained the same.

V 5.0 - 2002-2003

Redesigning the site became a common hobby for myself while in college, this version showcased more photoshop experience as I continued to learn how to do more with the tool.

In the screenshot below the layout is a bit off but it did not appear that way when it was active. The web archive doesn't display it quite right.

V 6.0 - 2003-2006

The next version included a significant layout change and introduced "random header images" that pulled a random image from a folder each time the site was loaded/ refreshed.

I was beginning to integrate my photography into the site more and that gave me a larger way to experiment.

At some point I also introduced blog post comments as a feature as well. This design lasted quite awhile.

I also began a sub-site specifically for my graphic design and photography called ion-art. Eventually that site turned into ionyka.net which still runs today.

The "graphic design" aspect fell to the way side because it eventually got merged with my DeviantArt account.

V 7.0 - 2006-2007

This version is a sleeker approach to a similar layout and design from the previous version. Also with a more prominent random header image space. This is just one example.

I also created a digital photo gallery using a tool at the time called 35mm Slide Gallery. See example below, you could design your own look to the slides which was a huge appeal to me.

I also created another sub-site for my digital photography. Thus splitting up the volume of content so ion-art was for digital art and picion, which now was for my photography.

V 8.0 - 2007

This release was a more simplistic approach and removed the random header image feature since I had invested time and effort into growing my other sub-sites.

The layout was similar in style but with a new color scheme and feel.

V 9.0 - 2008-2013

Version 9 was a huge change and took inspiration from 2 main life events that occurred in late 2007/early 2008. I bought my first place and I adopted Chester.

I furnished my new place with a set of living room furniture that was a mix of natural wood and steel. Thus the ascetic of the site layout to resemble my new coffee table.

Because I was also working full time at the fruit stand the site finally began to take a backseat to other things as well as the influx of social media & apps.

Thus it became the longest lasting website design I used actively with also an added weather widget and a Currently Reading widget which replaced the phased out QOTD and Featured Album.

I actually just really loved this layout a lot :)

V 10.0 - 2014-2020

By far the largest change the site incurred since I started it was when I decided to finally pull the plug on the blog feature all together and make an index that acted as a simple landing page for details about my current roles and a link to my LinkedIn resume.

Not exactly thrilling, it made me somewhat sad for my site to sit idle for so long, but it just did not serve a big need other than to keep my domain and hosting alive so I could continue to have my email address.

The logos below are what I used up until most recently.

V 11.0 - 2021-Present

And that brings us up to the current iteration that is my website. It has been about 20 years since I began running my own site.

So why write all of this? Quite honestly it started as a curiosity about what my site looked like 20 years ago and if I still had samples of all my old versions.

Surprisingly I do have backups of all my old versions enough to make this list so I figured why not do something to celebrate 20 years!

I hope you have enjoyed going down memory lane with me. I have no real exciting plans for the site but I will never stop having it, so here is to another 20!